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LGB 10000 Straight Track
Four pieces of LGB 10000 track. New. Two have European Ties, and two have American Ties $5 each (discount for club members)
LGB 11000 4.2 ft dia Curved Track
Two sets of LGB 11000 4 ft dia curved track One set is boxed the other is not.. Does not look like it was ever used, in pristine condition Asking $65 each set of 12 pieces (discount for club members)
USAT NW2 Cow Unit Santa Fe
This is a used unit but in excellent condition. It is Blue and Yellow.(missing its bell) USAT # R22003 Road # 1218 Asking $175 (discount for club members) No Box
AristoCraft Open Gondola drop ends
This car is red in color and has a silver bed with drop ends ART 41002 It is used but in excellent condition, but does not have a box. Road # 41002 CP RR Asking $35
AristoCraft Box Car Southern RR
This box car is most likely used but I can not see any evidence of usage. It is in pristine condition. Red in color The Box is in good condition ART 46056 Road # 330148 Asking $ 55 (discount to club members)
AristoCraft ALCO R-3 NY Central
This is a Black & Grey unit that is used but in pristine condition. Box is in Good condition w/manual Road # 8223 ART 22203 Asking $165 (discount to club members)
USAT EMD F3 A & B Units
These are two units of the Santa Fe Streamliners from the 1950's and 1960's Silver and Red Warbonnets Road # 200 B and 200C Units are used but in pristine condition. Box in good condition with manual R22289 Asking $245.00 (discount to club members)
AristoCraft RS-11 Santa Fe
This is an AristoCraft RS-11 that us used but in pristine condition. ART number unknow. It is a Black and White unit and all parts seam to be there. There is no box and no manual. Road # 2099 Asking $165
Blue & Yellow, ATSF USAT R22207 Unit is used but in pristine condition. No parts seem to be missing. Box is in good condition with manual. Road # 3517 Asking $175 (discount to club members) Can be seen at any of our shows or call me.
Orange & Black BNSF USAT R22204 This unit is in excellent used condition. No pieces seem to be missing. Box in excellent condition with manual. Road # 2266 Asking $175 (discount to club members)
Hand Made Bridge
Bridge hand made for State Fair of Texas
sale of LGB set
I have a 2002 Santa Fe freight set with extra tracks, Installed a sound module years ago.
30th Anniversary LGB Train Set
LGB 73968 STARTER SET Each Set is $250.00
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